Company Profile

Company History

Bertda Services (SEA) Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Singapore. Founded in 1982, the company’s focus was to satisfy the growing need for precision motion components and products in the rapidly developing and expanding engineering industries of Singapore and South-East Asia, such as electronics, automation and robotics, medical, institutional R&D and other related fields.

Over the past 25 years, Bertda has grown to become the trusted partner of manufacturing and design firms with our state-of-the-art systemic motion products. We have established a well-developed international network and are the engineering and marketing representative for many European, North American and Japanese motion products manufacturers in the South-East Asian region.

Product Portfolio

Bertda cooperates with OEMs and designers to investigate and look into appropriate components and systemic motion products and solutions that offer good fit, high performance, reliability and affordability for their manufactured goods.

By customizing components according to each client's design and specific technical requirements, we enable our clients and customers to have better budgetary control for R&D and production. Bertda is proud to offer a wide range of motion products and components such as coreless DC motors, brushless motors, stepper actuators and motors, various AC motors. Sensors include encoders, potentiometers, tachogenerators, transducers, non-contacting sensors and many others. These products help to enable our clients to produce optimal results and achieve their goal.

Our Mission

Bertda’s mission is to continue to seek, obtain and offer our clients components and products to add value to their manufactured equipment from Asia. In addition, we offer European and American manufacturers of technologically advanced products and equipment, an alternative source by supplying them with components and materials such as precision motors, sensors, etc from Asia.